Get a free DNS domain name

Why a domain name?

It is often necessary to have a domain name very early when you want to launch your website, a personal blog, launch a business, a project, etc.

The .com and .fr domain names and others are often privileged but you have to spend several tens / hundreds of euros/dollars in order to have one. Not to mention that THE domain name you want is probably already used by another.

If you want a free domain name, you’ve come to the right place! – the only free domain provider allows you to obtain various domain name extensions completely free of charge:

  • .tk – national top-level domain of Tokelau (New Zealand)
  • .ml – national top-level domain of Mali
  • .ga – national top-level domain of Gabon
  • .cf – national top-level domain of the Central African Republic
  • .gq – national top-level domain of Equatorial Guinea

The main difference compared to paid domains are:

  • a website must necessarily exists (redirect or hosted site). Freenom checks if a site responds to the domain name after its acquisition. If no site responds, will take over the domain
  • free from 1 to 12 months (free renewal)
  • all 1, 2 and 3 character domains and the common dictionary words, are considered special and cannot be acquired for free
  • you are a user of the free domain and not the owner (Freeenom remains the owner in the WHOIS)
  • you do not have transfer rights to move your domain to another registrar

All terms of use are presented in and

Records type

The types of records available are:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • LOC
  • MX
  • RP
  • TXT

With it is therefore not possible to create SRV records, which can cause problems for example for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. In order to overcome this problem, it is possible to use in addition to An article is available for installation.

Register your free domain

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your domain name:
Domain name choice on

3. Choose domain name extensions:

Extension domain name on

4. Choose the time you want to keep the domain. They are set to 3 months by default, but can go up to 12 months (with free renewal possible)

Choix de la durée des noms de domaine
Validity time of the domain on

5. Validate with a valid e-mail address

validation des domaines gratuits
Validation des domaines gratuits sur

6. Follow the instructions received by email to create youraccount

7. It’s done! You can connect and modify the DNS entries you want

Interface de gestiondes entrées DNS sur
Management web interface to change DNS records on

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