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Download the AD Summer Workbook 2023 in PDF

Download the AD Summer Workbook 2023 in PDF

Published on 10 Oct 2023

Bastien Perez
Bastien Perez


This summer of 2023, I shared a series of posts on LinkedIn/Twitter/Mastodon focused on a "summer workbook" dedicated to Active Directory.

These posts have garnered a lot of interest and led to enriching discussions. However, I understand that these social networks may not be the ideal reading platform for everyone.

That's why I've compiled all these posts into a PDF file, accessible via the links below.

A quick note: the PDF is available for free. You just need to enter 0€ at the time of purchase. However, if you'd like to make a financial contribution, know that I would be extremely grateful!

Active Directory Summer Workbook 2023 - English version
Inspired by summer workbook, this series is designed to help you deepen or revisit your knowledge and master the nuances of Active Directory.Each tip covers a key concept, a feature, a best practice, or a tool, all presented in a simple and accessible manner.This workbook hasn’t necessarily been jus…


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